BDP and DTK visit hunger strikers in Strasbourg


The BDP (Peace and Democracy Party) and DTK (Democratic Society Congress) delegation in Strasbourg will be holding a series of meetings with authorities of many European Organizations. The delegation came to Strasbourg to display their solidarity with fifteen hunger strikers who have been on a fast since 1 March.

The delegation which consists of DTK co-chairs Ahmet Türk and Aysel Tuğluk, BDP deputies Ertuğrul Kürkçü and Nazmi Gür will on Wednesday morning meet with Council of Europe Secretary General Thorbjorn Jagland, the Council authorities of Human Rights and political department. The delegation will afterwards hold official talks in different European cities, Brussels in particular.

Hunger striker Fuat Kav, who briefed the delegation on Tuesday, made evaluations on behalf strikers and pointed to their determination to follow their purpose. Kav said the followings; “ We have started this hunger strike to awaken the Council of Europe, CPT and other European institutions that have turned a blind eye to the political and humanistic demands of Kurds and passes over the severe isolation on our leader Öcalan, waves of arrests and the attempts to wage a war against a people.”

Kav underlined that their action aimed to break new ground against pressure and unfairness.

On Tuesday, the Committee for Solidarity with Hunger Strike will also stage a mass demonstration in front of the European Council building to ask authorities of Council of Europe to make a move. The Committee will also present the collected signatures to the authorities of the Council.

According to the information received, hunger strikers will on Tuesday decide for a new evaluation in accordance with the answers to be given by CPT and EC authorities.




Hunger strikers seriously ill in Osmaniye prison

11 April 2012
Health of hunger strikers in prison is seriously deteriorating as government remains silent

48 days have passed since the beginning of the indefinite hunger strike against rights violations and torture in the Osmaniye T Type Closed Prison. The hunger strikers’ health deteriorates every passing day.

It has been reported that 13 out of the 30 Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) members on hunger strike have reached a life-threatening point. The prisoners’ families who see the hunger strikers becoming weaker and weaker on every visit said they fear somebody might die.

„My husband is no more able to walk or to open his eyes. He is almost in a vegetative state. Who will be held to account for his death if he dies? The government says that they have put on trial the 12 September 1980 military coup but they are actually using the same methods as the generals in Osmaniye prison,” says Ümit Ilgen to DIHA News Agency.

The families are angry at the injustice and the government’s indifference. Hacı İnan has been charged to nine years because he planted a tree in the memory of murdered Azadiya Welat daily reporter Metin Alataş. His mother Sedila İnan says, “They charged him to nine years for planting a tree and now they are torturing him“. Another relative of a prisoner, Selahhattin Bozkurt said: “The government wants our children to die.,”

The Human Rights Association (İHD) Mersin Branch chair who makes an analogy between the Osmaniye Prison and Guantanamo notes that their submissions and appeals have not been taken into consideration by the authorities.



Third hunger striker taken to hospital in Strasbourg – FLASH

10 April 2012

The hunger strikers in Strasbourg are fasting for 41 days

A third hunger striker has been taken to hospital early this morning in Strasbourg. Kerim Sivri was suffering through the night of different problems and it was decided to call an ambulance.

Sivri, 36, is the third person to be taken into hospital for the consequences of the fast. Fifteen people, included 5 women, have been on hunger strike for 41 days to protest against the continue isolation regime imposed on Kurdish leader Ocalan and to ask an end to military operation. Sivri, like the other hunger strikers, is refusing medical assistance.



Another hunger striker taken to hospital

ANF  17:14 / 7 April 2012

Strasbourg – Another of the15 indefinite irreversible Kurdish Hunger Strikers at St. Maurice Church of Strasbourg has been taken to the hospital on the 38th day of the strike while the strike is on-going.

33-year-old Tariq Yusufi from East Kurdistan has been the second activist who has been taken to the hospital by ambulance. Doctor Fahrettin Gulsen, who examines the activists daily, said that Yusufi has a medical problem in his liver and he should have been taken to the hospital a full diagnostics. Weiterlesen

Prisoners in Osmaniye entered 46th day of hunger strilke

7 April 2012

ADANA – Thirteen prisoners in Osmaniye T Type Closed Prison, who are carrying out indefinite and irreversible hunger strike for 46 days in order to protest rights violations, at immediate risk of death.

The Association of Families of Prisoners (TUHA-DER) announced the prisoners said that they will continue with their protests until their demands are met.

The prisoners Bazi Aslan,  Mustafa İlgen, İlhanKeklik, Mehdi Ediş, Osman Bozkurt, İdris Nülifer, Aslan İlhan, Lokman Gül,  Ali Manas, Hacı Aydın, Erdal Çelebi, Reşit Taş and Emin Yıldız who are held in Osmaniye T Type Closed Prison, began fasting on 21 February in order to protest the imposed rights violations.13 prisoners on their 46th day of hunger strike are in the immediate danger of death, suffering from serious health problems. Weiterlesen

Hunger striker taken to hospital

ANF, 15:14 / 05 April 2012

Strasbourg – One of the indefinite irreversible Hunger Strikers at St. Maurice Church of Strasbourg has been taken to the hospital on the 36thDay of the strike while the strike is ongoing. Nigar Enayati, who is an activist form East Kurdistan has been treated and collected by an emergency crew and 2 ambulances.The condition of the 15 hunger strikers, which includes 5 women, is getting worse. Heavy weight loss, dizziness, queasiness, hypotension are the symptoms. Weiterlesen

Letter from MRAP to the Council of Europe for the hunger strikers

ANF, 08:32 / 02 Nisan 2012

In a letter written by the Movement Against Racism and for Friendship between Peoples addressed to the Secretary General of the Council of Europe, Thorbjørn Jagland, the plight of the hunger strikers in Turkey since the 15th of February and Strasbourg since the 1st of March was highlighted.

Alfred Zimmer, the head of the Strasbourg committee of MRAP, reminded the Secretary General of the discussions that were undertaken at the 19th meeting of the Human Rights Council of the United Nations where in a presentation a demand was made to show special consideration for the plight of the Kurdish people.

Zimmer asked “What can the Council of Europe do to ensure that Turkey respects human rights and tends towards a peaceful solution to the Kurdish Question?”

A protest in front of the French Foreign Ministry

ANF, 15:08 / 02 April 2012

In Paris a group of Kurdish women carried out a sit-in protest in front of the French Foreign Ministry. The women, who met with the minister responsible of relations with Turkey, demanded that the French government put pressure on the Turkish government to end the isolation of Abdullah Ocalan.

The protestors also wanted to highlight the hunger strikes in Strasbourg and in prisons across Turkey. In their meeting with the minister, Pascal Vagogne, the women highlighted many other incidents in Turkey such as the Roboski massacre, the sexual abuse of Kurdish children in Turkish prisons and the continuing arrests of Kurdish politicians.

A document detailing the above mentioned incidents along with the demand that the CPT urgently visits Abdullah Ocalan in Imrali prison was presented to the minister. The Minister said that they were closely following developments in Turkey and that he would present the document to the minister of Foreign Affairs Alain Juppe.

Kurdish youngsters expand occupy protests across Europe

                                                   Occupy protest in Paris

London, (30. 03. 2012)

Kurdish youngsters occupied Channel 4, one of the most watched channels in the UK, in protest of the intensified isolation that the leader of the PKK Abdullah Ocalan is being subjected to.

The protestors held a banner stating “Stop the Genocide in Kurdistan”, the protestors wanted to meet officials to put their opinion across on issues including the AKP governments policies of isolation towards Ocalan and persecution of the Kurdish people. The youngsters shouted slogans such as “long live our leader APO” and “Turkish Army out of Kurdistan”.

A group of protestors met with an official from the channel called Jonathan Miller. They presented Miller with a document detailing the unlawful measures practiced in Kurdistan by the Turkish state.

The Hague (30. 03. 2012)

Kurdish youngsters occupied the International Court of Justice to protest against the international silence towards the persecution of the Kurdish people by the AKP regime. 30 youths stormed the building and highlighted the isolation of the leader of the PKK, Abdullah Ocalan and the arrests of Kurdish politicians in Turkey. The protestors wanted to present officials with a document detailing their demands.

Vienna (31. 03. 2012)

A group of Kurdish youngsters occupied the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, in Vienna. The youngsters presented officials with a document which consisted of demands for an end to the KCK arrests, an end to the isolation of the leader of the PKK, Abdullah Ocalan and details of the hunger strikes ongoing in Turkey’s prisons and in Strasbourg.

Paris, (31. 03. 2012)

100 Kurdish youths today occupied the Eiffel Tower in Paris. The youths surrounded the second floor of the Tower with a banner measuring over 100 metres long that wrote “Freedom to Ocalan, Status for Kurdistan” and “Strasbourg hunger strike in its 36th day”. The Tower was blocked off by the police for over five hours in an attempt to convince the protestors to end their occupation.