Another hunger striker taken to hospital

ANF  17:14 / 7 April 2012

Strasbourg – Another of the15 indefinite irreversible Kurdish Hunger Strikers at St. Maurice Church of Strasbourg has been taken to the hospital on the 38th day of the strike while the strike is on-going.

33-year-old Tariq Yusufi from East Kurdistan has been the second activist who has been taken to the hospital by ambulance. Doctor Fahrettin Gulsen, who examines the activists daily, said that Yusufi has a medical problem in his liver and he should have been taken to the hospital a full diagnostics.

At the 36th day of the Hunger Strike, Nigar Enayati, who is an activist form East Kurdistan, was treated and collected by an emergency crew and taken to the hospital by ambulance but she refused the medical treatment and brought back to the St. Maurice Church of Strasbourg.

The alternating five-day strikes at the same venue are also on-going in solidarity with the irreversible hunger strike activists. It has been reported that 260 people has attended the alternating five-day strikes in solidarity and people in groups from France and other European countries continues to take part in the alternating five-day strikes.

The artists will take part in the alternating five-day strikes at St. Maurice Church of Strasbourg on Monday, 9 April 2012.


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