Kurdish youngsters expand occupy protests across Europe

                                                   Occupy protest in Paris

London, (30. 03. 2012)

Kurdish youngsters occupied Channel 4, one of the most watched channels in the UK, in protest of the intensified isolation that the leader of the PKK Abdullah Ocalan is being subjected to.

The protestors held a banner stating “Stop the Genocide in Kurdistan”, the protestors wanted to meet officials to put their opinion across on issues including the AKP governments policies of isolation towards Ocalan and persecution of the Kurdish people. The youngsters shouted slogans such as “long live our leader APO” and “Turkish Army out of Kurdistan”.

A group of protestors met with an official from the channel called Jonathan Miller. They presented Miller with a document detailing the unlawful measures practiced in Kurdistan by the Turkish state.

The Hague (30. 03. 2012)

Kurdish youngsters occupied the International Court of Justice to protest against the international silence towards the persecution of the Kurdish people by the AKP regime. 30 youths stormed the building and highlighted the isolation of the leader of the PKK, Abdullah Ocalan and the arrests of Kurdish politicians in Turkey. The protestors wanted to present officials with a document detailing their demands.

Vienna (31. 03. 2012)

A group of Kurdish youngsters occupied the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, in Vienna. The youngsters presented officials with a document which consisted of demands for an end to the KCK arrests, an end to the isolation of the leader of the PKK, Abdullah Ocalan and details of the hunger strikes ongoing in Turkey’s prisons and in Strasbourg.

Paris, (31. 03. 2012)

100 Kurdish youths today occupied the Eiffel Tower in Paris. The youths surrounded the second floor of the Tower with a banner measuring over 100 metres long that wrote “Freedom to Ocalan, Status for Kurdistan” and “Strasbourg hunger strike in its 36th day”. The Tower was blocked off by the police for over five hours in an attempt to convince the protestors to end their occupation.




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