Hunger striker taken to hospital

ANF, 15:14 / 05 April 2012

Strasbourg – One of the indefinite irreversible Hunger Strikers at St. Maurice Church of Strasbourg has been taken to the hospital on the 36thDay of the strike while the strike is ongoing. Nigar Enayati, who is an activist form East Kurdistan has been treated and collected by an emergency crew and 2 ambulances.The condition of the 15 hunger strikers, which includes 5 women, is getting worse. Heavy weight loss, dizziness, queasiness, hypotension are the symptoms.On Wednesday the 4th of April a big demonstration with the participation of nearly 10.000 people carried out a sit-in protest.

The hunger strike in turkey has reached its 51st day and its 36th Strasbourg. Unfortunately there is still no statement or any reaction from the European Commission or the Committee for the Prevention of Torture (CPT).

The urgent appeal of the hunger strikers is the end of the solitary confinement of PKK Leader Abdullah Öcalan, the demand of freedom for all political prisoners and the political solution of the Kurdish issue.



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