Kurdish demo begins in Strasbourg

Thousands of people gathered in the French city of Strasbourg early this morning, 4 April, Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) leader Abdullah Öcalan’s day of birth, to support the hunger strikers in the city and to call on relevant European institutions to break their silence about the repression imposed on Kurdish people.

The demonstration in front of the European Council building in Strasbourg is mainly joined by the Kurdish people coming from France, Belgium, Germany, Holland, Austria and Switzerland.
The demonstration with the slogan “Freedom for Öcalan, status for Kurdistan” also provides solidarity with the people who have been on a hunger strike in Strasbourg since 1 March to support the hunger strikes in Turkey prisons that began on 15 February, thirteenth anniversary of Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan’s being captured in Kenya by Turkish special agents acting in connection with CIA and Mossad.

Among the people joining the demonstration are hunger strikers including Kongra-Gel President Remzi Kartal, KCK Executive Council member Zübeyir Aydar, PJAK Leader Hacı Ahmedi, KNK Executive Board members Adem Uzun and Nizamettin Doğu and Öcalan’s lawyer Mahmut Şakar.

Around 100 young Kurdish people who on 31 March started a long march from Mannheim city of Germany are also joining the demonstration in Strasbourg.

Demonstrators in the area which is surrounded by intense security measures call on the Secretary General of the European Council to hear and answer the demands of strikers. Demanding a fair solution to the Kurdish question within the framework of peaceful negotiations, demonstrators ask the European Council to press Turkey for bringing an end to the problem.




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