KON-KURD calls to answer hunger strikers demand

02 April 2012

KON-KURD calls for an answer from relevant European institutions and powers

Confederation of Kurdish Associations in Europe (KON-KURD) called on relevant institutions and powers, the European Council in particular, to take immediate steps concerning the indefinite-irreversible hunger strikes that have entered 48th day in Kurdistan and Turkey’s prisons and 33rd day in Strasbourg city of France.

In a written statement following the three-monthly ordinary general meeting on 31 March, KON-KURD called attention to the deteriorating health problems of strikers of ten federations who have as umbrella organizations staged hunger strikes to voice their humanistic and fair demands for more than one month. The KON-KURD statement reacted to the silence and insensitivity of the European Council, CPT, European Union, United Nations as well as the national competent authorities of the states members to these institutions which are the addressees of hunger strike actions. KON-KURD also called on the Kurdish people, their institutions and friends to perform active and expansive actions in all areas and to ensure a mass participation to the sit-in action to be staged with strikers in Strasbourg city of France on 4 April, the birthday of Kurdish people’s leader Abdullah Öcalan.

The KON-KURD statement also urged European states, Germany and France in particular, to end the increasing unlawful and political pressures imposed on the executives and members of the confederation and called on democratic public opinion to act with solidarity with Kurds regarding the scandalous decisions imposed on KON-KURD, YEK-KOM executives Bahattin Doğan and Ahmet Zeyrek whom the Interior Ministry of Baden-Würtemberg state in Germany have dispossessed of their indefinite political right of habitation on the grounds of institutional works they perform.

The KON-KURD meeting also evaluated and programmed the preparations for the federation and confederation congresses, including the KON-KURD ordinary congress to be held on 2 June.




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