The number of imprisoned hunger-strikers reaches 1500


12:51 / 27 March 2012


As the indefinite hunger-strike begun by PKK and PJAK prisoners on February 15th reaches its 42nd day, it has been reported that 500 more prisoners will join the hunger-strike on April 1st. The prisoners stated that ‘as long as the suppression and massacre policies against our Leader Abdullah Öcalan and people continues, we will not end our hunger-strike.’

Making a staement on behalf of the PKK and PJAK prisoners Deniz Kaya said, ‘We had made a statement on February 15th 2012 to declare that we were beginning an indefinte hunger-strike to protest and call for an end to the severe and inhumane isolation of our Leader Abdullah Öcalan; the massacre policies against the Kurdish people and their freedom forces; the terrorisation of civilian-innocent people by mass arrests and detainments; the terrorisation of Kurdish organisations and workers; the racist and denial policies against our language and finally to call for an end to the comprehensive military and political genocide policies of the Turkish state and AKP government.

Noting that their requested had not been met even after the 42nd day of the hunger-strike the prisoners added, ‘despite all the appeals from our people, the severe isolation of Abdullah Öcalan and the police-military terror against our organisations and workers continues on all fronts.’


According to the statement around 400 prisoners began an indefinite hunger-strike on February 15th 2012 in Diyarbakir, Batman, Siirt, Mardin, Midyat, Urfa, Elbistan, Malatya, Bingol and Bitlis prisons.

On 8th March 2012 around 600 prisoners joined the hunger-strike in Antep, Adıyaman Adana Kürkçüler, Adana Karataş, Adana Ceyhan, Silifke, Mersin, Ermenek, İskenderun, Antalya, Hatay and Osmaniye prisons.

On April 1st 2012 around 500 prisoners will join the hunger-strike in Muş, Van, Rize, Oltu, Trabzon, Giresun, Gümüşhane, Bartın, Amasya, Tokat, Kastamonu, Samsun Bafra, Ordu and Erzurum prisons.


Appealing to human rights organisations, writers, journalists and political parties in Parliament prisoners stated, ‘Our comrades in Osmaniye prison have been attacked and thrown into solitary cells by soldiers and prison guards while injured. Our comrades are not getting treatment for their wounds. They are not receiving any of their basic requirements. It is imperative that the necessary measures be taken, and our comrades and the prison visited for this to be stopped immediately. The lives of our comrades are under threat. You must hear our cries; this is the 42nd day of the hunger-strike. The health and life of our comrades are under threat.’

The statement continued, ‘We want our people and international public opinion to know that without an end to the suppression and massacre policies implemented against our leader Abdullah Öcalan, who has been in severe isolation for 8 months, and our people, we will not bring this hunger-strike to an end. We are decided on this. Our people and public opinion should know that either the isolation of our leader and the killing and arrests of our people cease or we, regardless of the conclusion, will continue our action. Even if there is death at the end of the tunnel, we will not turn back from our decision.’


Speaking to ANF News Agency the Federation of Associations for Solidarity with Families of Arrested and Imprisoned People (TUHAD-FED) spokeswoman Zübeyde Teker stated that due to the hunger-strike prisoners were suffering from high blood-pressure, digestion and circulation problems and added, ‘We do not know exactly what problems prisoners are suffering from because they are rejecting examinations.’ Adana Association for Solidarity with Families of Arrested and Imprisoned People Chairman Ahmet Doğan also commented that the hunger-strikes in the Çukurova region were ongoing for an indefinite period but that there were no critical conditions.


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