Hunger strike starts in Mus


15:16 / 25 Mart 2012

A hunger strike by TUHAD-DER has started in the city of Mus against the isolation of the leader of the PKK, Abdullah Ocalan, and the military and political operations conducted by the Turkish authorities.

Giyasettin Kirtan, the president of TUHAD-DER, reminded everyone of the ongoing hunger strikes that are carrying the same demands across the country. He said “as everyone is well aware the Kurdish people’s leader Mr. Abdullah Ocalan has been in complete isolation for 243 days. All democratic elements within society are watching these worrying developments carefully. This measure has no lawful aspect to it and is a completely political and arbitrary decision which has come about as a result of the ceasing of all dialogue and negotiations with Mr. Ocalan.”

Kirtan also stated that rather than searching for a democratic and peaceful solution to the Kurdish question, the AKP government is insisting on a policy consisting of security operations. Kirtan said “what needs to be done is the state must urgently restart its dialogue with Mr. Ocalan as the interlocutor on behalf of the Kurdish people for an honorable peace. People have been putting their bodies on the line in prisons across the country where hunger strikes are in their 40th day. Families of the prisoners who are in their tens of thousands are worried for the well being of their relatives.”

Kirtan informed everyone that 24 prisoners in Mus’ E type prison have started an indefinite hunger strike and that they too will be part of the demonstrations until a solution is reached. Kirtan called upon all democratic circles to support their peaceful protest.



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