The European Council’s Local Government Congress support the hunger strike

Leyla Güven

The French delegation of the European Council’s Local Government Congress carried out a press meeting at the scene of the hunger strike which started on the 1st of March. The delegation stated that violations against the Kurds of Turkey were unacceptable and that the Kurdish people and their language must be granted status.

The delegation visited the tent where the hunger strike is continuing on the 21st of March at 13.30 after which they carried out their press meeting.

The delegation showed support for the Kurdish cause and stated their concern for the KCK arrests in Turkey in which 6500 politicians have been imprisoned of which one of them, namely Leyla Guven, is a member of the European Council’s Local Government Congress. Cadoret Xavier, the mayor of Saint Gerand le Puy stated “I have heard that a mother is in prison in Turkey, even this example is enough to show the situation in Turkey. I am also aware that thousands of BDP politicians are in prison.”

Xavier went onto say that they will send a letter to the deputy of the French President Nicolas Sarkozy requesting a committee to be sent to Turkey where 25 per cent of the population is Kurdish.

The Deputy Mayor of Suresnes Jean-Louis Testud reminded everyone of the politicians, journalists, trade unionists and children in Turkish prisons and said that this is not even the case in Palestine. Testud said “it is saddening that despite this Turkey is still trying to be a beacon in the Middle East. We want Ocalan to be freed because he is representing the Kurdish people and they make up a third of the population of Turkey. The Kurds and their language must be recognized. We are supporting the hunger strikers.”

The Italian member of the delegation Pellegriti said that he witnessed the Newroz celebrations in Strasbourg and saw the determination of the Kurdish people and said that they expected the Turkish government to respect people’s languages and religions.

Fuat Kav who spoke on behalf of the strikers said “Turkey is in the process of negotiating accession into the EU but it is still far from being a democratic country, most of its reforms are left on paper. Nowhere in the world is a people’s celebration of freedom banned but in Turkey it is. Erdogan used police brutality in doing so.”

Kav went onto say that they demanded the freedom of Ocalan and the Kurdish people. “We have not heard from Mr. Ocalan for 8 months and this is why we are starving ourselves. We request your support and solidarity.”


17:35 / 21 Mart 2012


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