Hunger striker meet with CPT

Sevgi Lord-ANF

14:04 / 13 Mart 2012

The hunger strikers in Strasbourg protested in front of the European Parliament. During the protest a group of strikers went into meet with CPT officials.

While the protest was ongoing, a group of hunger strikers including Fuat Kav, Gönül Kaya and Negar Enayati along with Rojbin Dogan met with CPT officials Micheal Aveucuter and Elvin Aliyev for an hour.

The officials stated that they were following the strike from day one and that they had been to see Mr. Abdullah Ocalan many times at Imrali Prison. The officials later said that these visits were later turned into reports and that dialogue with Turkish officials continued. The CPT officials also stated that they were constantly following Ocalan’s case and that the only promise they can give them is that the dialogue will continue.



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