Deputy President of the European Parliament supports the hunger strike

Sevgi Lord-ANF

16:39 / 14 Mart 2012

The hunger strikers in Strasbourg carried out a protest in front of the European Parliament for the second time. Many parliamentarians including the Deputy President of the European Parliament Alexander Alvaro and MEP’s such as Conelia Enst, Sonder Gart Soren and Lothar Bisky supported the protest that demanded the EU to put pressure on Turkey.

Alexander Alvaro stated that he would write a letter to the European Council and raise awareness around the demands of the protestors. Alvaro requested a document containing information about the health and demands of the hunger strikers. The hunger strikers in return stated that since the 27th of July no one has heard from the leader of the PKK Mr. Abdullah Ocalan.

Jean Lambert from the Green Party of Britain visited the hunger strikers with a group of MEPs along with Ander Clavert and Germain Mignot from the French Doctors Union. Gabby Zimmer from the EU Leftist Group stated that they were following developments in Turkey and raised the issue of the imprisoned solicitors and elected individuals. Zimmer went on to say that the Kurds were left with no other choice but to demonstrate in this particular way.

Fuat Kav, who spoke on behalf of the strikers, stated that just as Nelson Mandela played a key role in the solution of the conflict in South Africa, Ocalan’s freedom holds a similar significance in the resolution of the conflict in Turkey.

In the mean time the President of the People’s Congress Remzi Kartal visited the hunger strikers to show solidarity.



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