Thousands of Kurds across Europe start Hunger-Strike

ANF, 12:28 / 10 Mart 2012

News Centre – Thousands of Kurds in Europe gathered today to launch a two-day hunger-strike, in solidarity with the indefinite-irreversible hunger-strikes carried out by 15 people in Strasbourg and 400 hundred political prisoners in Turkey, 4 of which BDP (Peace and Democracy Party) MPs. While the 400 increased to 900 and reached its 25th day of hunger-strike, the 15 hunger-strikers in Strasbourg reached their 10th day of the indefinite hunger strike.


Over a 150 associations and committees in Germany, Belgium, Switzerland and all across Europe initiated the two-day hunger-strike to call an end to the severe isolation of Abdullah Öcalan and for the recognition of political status for Kurds. The hunger-strikes are mostly initiated in groups of 15, 30 to 50. The number of participants is estimated to be between four thousand and five thousand.

One of the places where the hunger strike took place was in the city of Hague, Netherlands. Hunger-strikes are also taking place in one of the oldest Kurdish associations in Europe, Kurdish Workers‘ Association at Netherlands. More than 50 people have joined the hunger strike. While a giant banner reading “Freedom for Öcalan, Status for Kurdistan, Enough is Enough, Freedom now and Freedom now” was being suspended.


Supporters arrive at early hours of the day to display their support for the indefinite hunger-strikers in prison and Strasbourg. The demands of the indefinite hunger-strikers are as follows; an end to the aggravated 7 month isolation carried out against Öcalan, conditions provided to assist his health, security and communication for his contribution to solving the Kurdish question, an end to all military operations and freeing all political prisioners, a stop to all types of oppression against the Kurdish language, accepted in the public opinion and

legalized assurance of the Kurdish language. The hunger-strikers are also in particular requesting the European Union and European council to put pressure on Turkey.



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