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Hunger strike in Urmiye prison

URMIYE, — Four Kurdish prisoners who had been requested 5 billion tomans as bail for their release launched a hunger strike as they have no such a budget to play the bail.

The four are reported as Eli, Abubekir, Luqman Hemzeshuri, and Sediq Mistefayi who had recently been arrested by the state’s gunmen and held in Urmiye prison.

They were requested the amount of 5 billion tomans as bail for their release. They said since they are unable to pay such an amount, they have staged the hunger strike.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012 13:27


A French delegation from the OSCE has written a letter to the Council of Europe

The president of the French delegation from the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) and senator Michel Billout was written a letter to the President of the Council of Europe Thorbjorn Jagland, outlining the ongoing hunger strikes in Strasbourg and prisons across Turkey. Billout requested that the strikers demand to meet with the President of the Council of Europe be met.

Billout outlined the reason for the hunger strikes as the intensified isolation of PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan. He wrote that the strikers demands included the releasing of Ocalan and all political prisoners in Turkey, the constitutional acknowledgement of the Kurdish people and their right to teach in their mother tongue. Weiterlesen

Health situation of Kurds on hunger strike is alarming


BRUSSELS, March 28 (AKnews) – The health situation of 15 Kurds on hunger strike in Europe and 400 in Turkish prisons is deteriorating, with a number of lives in jeopardy.

The chairmen of the Kon-Kurd confederation of more than 140 Kurdish associations in Europe Ismet Kem confirmed to AKnews that the life of some of the Kurds on hunger strike is already in danger.

The 15 protestors in Europe and the 400 Kurds in Turkey will continue the hunger strike until their demands are met. Kem called on EU and international institutions to act before the lose of human life.

Kurds protest in front of EU office in Moscow

Kürdistan Lezgiyeva-ANF

09:53 / 27 Mart 2012

The hunger strike started by Kurds in Moscow, in solidarity with the indefinite hunger strikes in Strasbourg and Turkey’s prisons, ended on its 5th day with a protest in front of the EU office in Moscow. The hunger strike was started by 15 people but on the second day this figure shot up to 60. The protest was carried out by the hunger strikers and Kurds from the region holding Ocalan posters and KCK flags. A document listing their demands was handed to the EU representative’s office. The hunger strike has been taken up by Kurds living in the Adigey Autonomous Republic.

Rafik Kamil, the chairperson of the Ezidi Association, made a short speech in which he hailed all freedom martyrs in the name of Mahsum Korkmaz as the “great guerrilla commandant”. Kamil continued to say “by using chemical weapons against the guerrillas Turkey is violating the Geneva Convention to which it is a signatory to. Alongside this Turkey is applying an inhumane measure of isolation against the Kurdish people’s leader Abdullah Ocalan. We condemn the approach of the Turkish state. We support the hunger strikers who are putting their lives on the line against these policies.”

The hunger strike was later taken over by Kurds coming from Autonomous Republic of Adigey. Their strike is expected to last 4 days. The strikers continued their protest in good spirits shouting slogans and dancing with visitors.


Hunger strike starts in Mus


15:16 / 25 Mart 2012

A hunger strike by TUHAD-DER has started in the city of Mus against the isolation of the leader of the PKK, Abdullah Ocalan, and the military and political operations conducted by the Turkish authorities.

Giyasettin Kirtan, the president of TUHAD-DER, reminded everyone of the ongoing hunger strikes that are carrying the same demands across the country. He said “as everyone is well aware the Kurdish people’s leader Mr. Abdullah Ocalan has been in complete isolation for 243 days. All democratic elements within society are watching these worrying developments carefully. This measure has no lawful aspect to it and is a completely political and arbitrary decision which has come about as a result of the ceasing of all dialogue and negotiations with Mr. Ocalan.” Weiterlesen

The European Council’s Local Government Congress support the hunger strike

Leyla Güven

The French delegation of the European Council’s Local Government Congress carried out a press meeting at the scene of the hunger strike which started on the 1st of March. The delegation stated that violations against the Kurds of Turkey were unacceptable and that the Kurdish people and their language must be granted status.

The delegation visited the tent where the hunger strike is continuing on the 21st of March at 13.30 after which they carried out their press meeting.

The delegation showed support for the Kurdish cause and stated their concern for the KCK arrests in Turkey in which 6500 politicians have been imprisoned of which one of them, namely Leyla Guven, is a member of the European Council’s Local Government Congress. Cadoret Xavier, the mayor of Saint Gerand le Puy stated “I have heard that a mother is in prison in Turkey, even this example is enough to show the situation in Turkey. I am also aware that thousands of BDP politicians are in prison.” Weiterlesen

Kurdish problem is Europe’s business too, says MEPs

Twenty MEPs including José Bové and the President of the GUE / NGL Gabriele Zimmer, called on the Council of Europe to put the Kurdish question on the agenda of the Council. The deputies said the Kurdish question and its solution is indeed a “European problem”.

In a petition addressed to the Secretary General of the Council of Europe Thorbjørn Jagland, parliamentarians drew attention to the hunger strikes conducted in Strasbourg and in Turkish prisons.

Kurds are on an unlimited hunger strike since 1 March in the St. Maurice Church in Strasbourg, while a thousand political prisoners in Kurdish begin unlimited strike, 400 of them since mid- February. Health of the hunger strikers is worringly and quickly deteriorating.

MEPs ask the Council of Europe to consider the cry of the Kurds in Turkey and to respond favorably to their demands.

Here is the full text of the letter:

“Mr. Secretary General,

Since 2009, trampling unrestrained democracy and freedoms, the Turkish government has jailed nearly 9,000 Kurds, including 6 members, 31 mayors, 96 journalists, 36 lawyers, 183 leaders of the BDP (Party for Peace and Democracy ), trade unionists, human Rights, students, … and nearly 2,000 children, known as “children throwing stones,” are currently in prison. Weiterlesen

MEP’s in solidarity with the hunger strikers


08:11 / 15 Mart 2012


The sopprt for the hunger strikers in Strasbourg is growing rapidly. The committee established to raise support for the hunger strike is working tirelessly. The committee has arranged a signature campaign containing the demands of the strikers that will be presented to the European Council.

A delegation from the European Parliament visited the hunger strikers. The visitors were Jurgen Klute and Marie Christine Vergiat from the European Parliament Left Group and Anna Miranda from the European Parliament Green’s Group.

Deputy President of the European Parliament supports the hunger strike

Sevgi Lord-ANF

16:39 / 14 Mart 2012

The hunger strikers in Strasbourg carried out a protest in front of the European Parliament for the second time. Many parliamentarians including the Deputy President of the European Parliament Alexander Alvaro and MEP’s such as Conelia Enst, Sonder Gart Soren and Lothar Bisky supported the protest that demanded the EU to put pressure on Turkey.

Alexander Alvaro stated that he would write a letter to the European Council and raise awareness around the demands of the protestors. Alvaro requested a document containing information about the health and demands of the hunger strikers. The hunger strikers in return stated that since the 27th of July no one has heard from the leader of the PKK Mr. Abdullah Ocalan.

Jean Lambert from the Green Party of Britain visited the hunger strikers with a group of MEPs along with Ander Clavert and Germain Mignot from the French Doctors Union. Gabby Zimmer from the EU Leftist Group stated that they were following developments in Turkey and raised the issue of the imprisoned solicitors and elected individuals. Zimmer went on to say that the Kurds were left with no other choice but to demonstrate in this particular way.

Hunger striker meet with CPT

Sevgi Lord-ANF

14:04 / 13 Mart 2012

The hunger strikers in Strasbourg protested in front of the European Parliament. During the protest a group of strikers went into meet with CPT officials.

While the protest was ongoing, a group of hunger strikers including Fuat Kav, Gönül Kaya and Negar Enayati along with Rojbin Dogan met with CPT officials Micheal Aveucuter and Elvin Aliyev for an hour.

The officials stated that they were following the strike from day one and that they had been to see Mr. Abdullah Ocalan many times at Imrali Prison. The officials later said that these visits were later turned into reports and that dialogue with Turkish officials continued. The CPT officials also stated that they were constantly following Ocalan’s case and that the only promise they can give them is that the dialogue will continue.