MP on hunger strike: „We are entering a critical stage that will determinate the future of our people“

24 February 2012

The current process is a warning to the government, said deputies.

Deputies of Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) and Labor, Democracy and Freedom Block who have gone on a two-day hunger strike on 20 February to support those of jailed MPs Selma Irmak and Faysal Sarıyıldız remarked that they were staging the act to let down the AKP government’s ‘concept of war and elimination’. Speaking to DIHA about the act, deputies of the BDP and the Block stated that the current process was a warning to the government. Here are the statements of some deputies who support the hunger strike act of political prisoners; BDP İstanbul MP Sebahat Tuncel: “The war strategy of the AKP government has blocked the process of a peaceful solution to the Kurdish people. The AKP government inherited the policy of destruction and assimilation but there is a need for a new concept on the basis of equal and free citizenship of all peoples in Turkey. Our act is at the same time a call to Turkey’s opinion as we call on the people to not to remain insensitive to the process for building a true freedom.” BDP Muş MP Demir Çelik: „The political operations against the BDP and Kurdish institutions started as a result of the mentality of the AKP government which has brought nothing but cruelty, pressure and violence on Turkey’s peoples who face fascism practices equal to those at Nazi period in Germany.”

BDP Ağrı MP Halil Aksoy: „It is not possible to remain insensitive to the developments in the recent process which witnesses a great government insensitivity while military and political operations have blocked all ways to democracy. The government needs to address this process very well because people leave their bodies to death when there is nothing else left to do. This process is a warning to the government who should start a process of dialogue and negotiation with Abdullah Öcalan as the current conflict could deepen in the coming period.” BDP Bingöl MP İdris Baluken: The process of a total elimination has reached the point of slaughter of civilians, as we witnessed in Roboski massacre. Indefinite and non-alternate hunger strike acts are staged in prisons in the face of all these events and we are staging this act to support our comrades in prisons.” Hakkari MP Adil Kurt: „Kurds have experienced all kinds of cruelty in the last 30 years but the current process is the most critical one as there is a potentially dangerous process ahead of Turkey. We are staging this act because we want the coming spring to lead to democracy and freedom.”



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